Pay attention to the popularization of technology, pay attention to the quality of power supply! Lin Jianliang, deputy manager of innovation R&D Center, gave power technology training to partners of Guanyu Power Supply.

From 18:00 to 19:00 on The evening of March 28th, guan Yuta power technology class was delivered by Lin Jianliang, deputy manager of innovation development Department. The training response is warm, partners of learning enthusiasm is very high, research and development, engineering, quality, sales, procurement, planning, production team and other more than 80 people rushed to sign up.
Finally considering the number of students more than originally expected, combined with the current epidemic prevention and control, the requirements of the relevant interim adjustment scheme adopts the form of the main teaching + venue live on, through this training partners based maintenance principle and maintenance skills, learning power in the work can be better prepared abnormal problem determination, exception handling etc.

Training mainly from the power supply maintenance debugging skills, debugging process of two aspects to explain
Common debugging techniques:
1. Clean the floor
2. The dichotomy
3. Reduction method
4. The proportion method
The debugging process is mainly explained from the aspects of electrical, output voltage, voltage resistance, output ripple, input power consumption, input efficiency, output dynamic, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, current resistance, magnetic saturation, temperature resistance, EMI conduction, EMI radiation and so on.
In the training process, forest workers also combined with examples in daily life, using humorous language to teach partners, so that partners can better understand and digest knowledge points. Partners are listening to very devoted, serious, I believe that we can receive full!

Guanyuda Power supply co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating production, research and marketing to provide medium power supply/charger/adapter and solutions. We now have r&d headquarters in Foshan, independent R&D team in Taiwan, R&D base in Xi 'an, and r&d office in Shenzhen.
The company has been paying great attention to talent introduction, talent training and encouraging talent development. I hope that you can always maintain high enthusiasm for learning, constantly improve themselves, in their respective fields of deep cultivation!

Author: Wei Qiumin