The 2022 Guanyuda Group Skills PK Competition is a complete success! Vice President Wang Min and jingxin Zhi Zou Jianmin arrived to guide

In order to improve employees' enthusiasm for work, improve their skill proficiency, understand their skills and improve their quality awareness, Guanyu Power held the first Group skills PK competition on April 12, 2022. The competition is organized by the Administration Department and the Delivery Center, with Liu Qiongqing presiding over the competition. The content of the competition is the assembly of standard parts, and the total number of qualified products produced by the team is the criterion for judging the winner.

13:47 PM, with the delivery of vice president Wang Min announced the official start of the game, the players have full of spirit, skilled skills into the game.
The participating teams are: manufacturing a team, manufacturing two team, intelligent workshop team.

The guan Yuda power group skills PK contest is not only our selection of talent, but also a test of the fighting power of the production workshop.
For a long time, the production workshops through post training, actual combat training and skills competition, consolidate the basic skills, improve team cohesion. This year, we will focus on strengthening the training of skilled workers, actively guide partners to learn technical knowledge and improve their skills, and form a good atmosphere of "learning knowledge, practicing skills, increasing skills and making more contributions".

In the competition, the competitors concentrate on the competition and sprint the team results with their best efforts.
A whistle, the end of the competition, after the organizing committee statistical results of the final ranking of the group skills PK competition:

First prize: the team that made one, 1500 yuan
Participants: Li Zhengwen, Zhou Jiafeng, Wu Aihua, Feng Shumei, Xie Dongyan, Wei Mingfei, Xu Jiemei, Liao Bangxiu, Liang Jinxiu, Gong Yanli, Wei Lanying, Wang Yuhong, Huang Yanmei, Dai Yunshu, Deng Haihua, Luo Jiagan, Li Yongfu, Yang Dexuan

Second place: manufacturing team of the second part, prize of 1000 yuan
Participants: He Yanfen, Zhang Lianqing, Guo Shuqing, Wang Lanying, Xie Xiaoxun, Pang Youfeng, Liu Yanlin, Wei Yadan, Zhao Yijing, Zhao Min, Qin Sheng, Zheng Xiaomin, Fan Mingliang, Zhao Guiyuan, Yang Hua, Wei Xiuwan, Lei Jinliu, CAI Jiayu

Third prize: Smart Workshop team, 500 yuan
The list of participants is: He Jianhua, Li Qiaojuan, Wei Xiujin, Ou Xiaomei, Li Xiaomei, Deng Shengjia, Liang Yiyin, Ye Haihua, Huang Dongjiao, Yang Guan, Luo Kaidong, Wei Guiling, Zhu Lanbo, CAI Qiaoyu, Gao Qingchun, Huang Shuying, Wu Qinghua

After the fierce competition of all the participants, group skills PK competition achieved a complete success. The skills competition can not only let partners to find their own shortcomings, but also to learn from the strong points of others, better improve the level of their skills, create a "than, learn, catch, help," the work atmosphere, skills training and selection of personnel for the factory, construction of a high-quality, highly skilled workforce laid a good foundation.

Author: Liu Qiongqing