Rich spare time life, strong body and mind! Guanyu Power staff basketball friendly competition is in hot progress

In order to enrich the leisure life of employees, enhance the unity and cooperation among colleagues of all departments, and fully show the vitality of employees of the company, we organized a friendly basketball match for employees of the First manufacturing Department and the second manufacturing Department at 5:30 p.m. on April 9, 2022

Make a basketball team:
Captain Li Wangzhi
Liu Minglin, Liang Jiatang, Wei Mingfei, Mo Mingjian, Pei Kaiyin, Huang Haibo, Liang Guoguo, Song Qinghua, Zhou Yanghua
Make two basketball teams:
The captain orchid an uniqueness
Liang Guang, He Mingyang, Wang Yongzheng, Tian Wei, He Ancheng, Shi Baosu, Lin Weiyu, Chen Qianxi, Chen Jian, Meng Jinquan, Qin Jiarong

Following the principle of "friendship first, competition second", the two sides respected and learned from each other, and the competition went on in full swing.
Both sides of the team actively fight for the first, brave, flexible and agile, the individual and collective honor integration, the tacit understanding between teammates hit another round of climax.

Through this friendly competition, not only enriched the leisure life of guanyu staff, promoted the communication and exchanges between various departments, enhanced the cohesion and physique of employees, but also reflected the company leaders' care for employees' physical and mental health, encouraged and supported employees' cultural and sports activities!

Author: Chen Sijie