Smart Production Solutions

The MES system is used to digitally, accurately and intelligently manage the materials, production, and delivery of products, so as to escort product quality in an all-round way and ensure that products are delivered on time.
Point 1 (icon): Shorten the lead time
Point 2 (icon): Improve product quality
Point 3 (icon): Reduce production costs

Application scenario
1、Smart electronic signage

The production electronic billboard includes: operating a big data platform, monitoring of abnormal production site status and seeking help information, monitoring of manufacturing process data analysis charts, equipment monitoring, notification announcements and other functions, data realization, real-time monitoring of the entire manufacturing process of the production line.

2、 Whole-process barcode management

Barcode management system can provide clear and efficient production process steps, so as to make production role positioning precise and production flow.

3、Full traceability of manufacturing process

The full traceability of the manufacturing process can be divided into two parts: forward traceability and reverse traceability. We collect information about each role involved in the production process in the whole process. Using big data, it can be traced from finished products to materials, suppliers, and from materials. Trace back to the finished product. It can quickly find the problem points in the production process and provide customers with high-quality products.