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14.5V6A ac dc adapter for portable car refrigerator
  • 14.5V6A ac dc adapter for portable car refrigerator
  • 14.5V6A ac dc adapter for portable car refrigerator

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 Model No       GM95-145600-D   



地址: 广东省佛山市顺德区伦教熹涌解放东路南一号

ADD:No.1 of South Jiefang East Road Xichong Lunjiao Shunde Foshan Guangdong

TEL:0757-27736306   FAX: 0757-27725706



0    General         ---------------------------------------------------------------          3

1    Input Characteristics  ------------------------------------------------------------          3

2    Output Characteristics      ---------------------------------------------------------           4

3    Protection                     -----------------------------------------------------------         5

4    Environment        --------------------------------------------------------------         6

5    Immunity              ------------------------------------------------------------------        6

6    Safety Approval   -----------------------------------------------------------------        7

7    Reliability            ----------------------------------------------------------------------        7

8    Cooling        --------------------------------------------------------------------         7

9    Test Report     -------------------------------------------------------------------         8

10   Mechanical Specification    -------------------------------------------------------       9

11   Dimension     ------------------------------------------------------------------          9

Notice: The sample may have different brands or Guan Jian components specifications and the actual goods products slightly different, but in the relevant certification report prepared within the scope of reliability and performance is not affected by the circumstances, without notice. Please understand and understand




The specification defines the performance characteristics of a 87 W, Single Output level

Switching Power Supply for GM95-145600-D .The power supply has designed highly reliable and meet international safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

1. Input Characteristics.

1.1 Normal Input Voltage:

It is normal for 100~240Vac input AC voltage

1.2 Input Voltage Range:

 The Power shall operate form 90-264Vac.

1.3 Input Current:

2.5Arms max

At AC low line input and DC output full load

1.4 Rated Input Frequency:

 It is normal for 50Hz or 60Hz and single phase.

1.5 AC Input Frequency Range

The Power shall operate with an input frequency from 47Hz to 63Hz

1.6 No Load Power Consumption

Maximum non-load power consumption is less than 0.15W at 115Vac/60Hz and 230Vac/50Hz

(Retest it after full load for 15 minutes)

1.7 Inrush Current (cold start)    :  30A Max. @110Vac/60Hz

                              :  60A Max. @230Vac/50Hz

1.8 Active Power Factor CorrectionTypical -

1.9 Input protection

5.0~6.3A Fuse

 The power supply shall be protected against power line surges and any abnormal condition.

1.10 Efficiency:

The efficiency of the Supply shall meet the following requirements (Warm up after 30 minutes test):


Efficiency(Typical full load)

115Vac /60Hz

Efficiency(Typical full load)


Average Efficiency( 25%,50%,

75%,100% rated load )


Average Efficiency( 25%,

50%,75%,100% rated load )





2. Output Characteristics.

2.1 Rated Voltage(Constant voltage mode)

The rated output voltage is specified at 14.5V

2.2 Voltage Range

The output voltage will be performed 14.5V±5% when the load is 0A~6.0A steadily

2.3 Current

This Power can work from 0A~6.0A and output voltage is in section 2.2 specified range

2.4 Ripple/noise

Output Ripple voltage is 150mV peak to peak or less.(100Vac 60Hz/240Vac 50Hz)

     Measured methods:

The ripple is measured from peak to peak with band width limit of 20MHz (C1 : 0.1uF Ceramics capacitor C2 : 47uF/50V Aluminum capacitor under DC output full Load, AC nominal input 25ambient temperature).

2.5 Turn on delay

The power shall switch on in less than 2 seconds at input voltage is 115Vac

2.6 Hold-up time

The output voltage shall be sustained 6mS within regulation requirement after loss 100Vac and         maximum load

2.7 Rise time

  DC output rise time from 10% to 90% of output voltage shall be less than 40mS at nominal line and maximum load

2.8 Surge load:

The power shall support 6.6A for 20S at 100~240Vac and 25℃

2.9 Load transient response:

The power must within regulation when applied a step load from 0% to 50% and 50% to 100% load at 0.5A/uS slew rate and 10mS time period.

The output voltage will be performed 13.77V~15.22V

2.10 Output regulation



Tolerance Range



Total Regulation













            *Total regulation involved line regulation load regulation cross regulation---etc

            *Line regulation is measured from 90Vac to 132Vac or 185vac to 264vac

            *Load regulation is measured all output from min load to max load at 115vac 

              or 230vac nominal AC input voltage.

3. Protection

3.1 Over Voltage Protection:

The output shall be protection to latch off at over-voltage condition , maximum value can’t be over 2 times the rated voltage (29V) , That might be return to normal state by AC reset 5 seconds










The power supply will be auto recovered when faults remove

3.2 Over Current Protection(5S):

3.2.1 Over current range:10A(110V)12A(220V), The single over current power should be restored

automatically (115Vac/60Hz or 230Vac/50Hz)

3.3 Short Circuit:

3.3.1 Instantaneous (2~3 and 3~10 seconds) short circuit, no damage, no odor, smoke, fire, plastic deformation, excessive heat generation. The power supply should be automatically restored. When the fault state is removed, it will enter the normal state

3.3.2 Continuous short time more than 5 seconds between,the products will lock output,the AC reset output less than 5 seconds to recover.                                         

3.4 Peak Load Mode:  FORMCHECKBOX                                        

3.4.1 Input voltage 230V/50Hz, the power instantaneous maximum load current A minimum,

continue time between 1.5~3.6 second between

3.4.2 Input voltage 115V/60Hz, the power instantaneous maximum load current A minimum,

continue time 1.5~3.6 second between

4. Environment (temperature and humidity)

      4.1:Operating temperature   0~40

      4.2:Operating humidity    20~ 90  ( Relative humidity).

      4.3: Storage temperature   -20 ~ 80.

      4.4:Storage humidity       0~ 95.  (Relative humidity).

      4.5: Dropping Packed:

Wall mount type and Height 76cm for desktop type as , the horizontal surface consists of hardwood at least 13mm thick , mounted on two layers of plywood each 19mm to 20mm thick , all supported on a concrete or equivalent non-resilient floor

5. Immunity                                                                            

 5.1 Dielectric Withstand Voltage ( HI-POT )

HI-POT---A  IEC 320 3pin primary to secondary ( FG ) 2000Vac 5mA 1min

The product input GND is directly connected to the output DC negative







HI-POT---A  IEC 320 3pin primary to secondary ( FG ) 2500Vac 5mA 1min

Product input GND to output DC is not directly connected

HI-POT---B  IEC 320 2pin primary to secondary 4000Vac 5mA 1min



5.2 Leakage Current:

The AC leakage current is less than 0.25mA when power is connected to 240Vac/50Hz at normal condition

 5.3 Insulation Resistance:

The insulation resistance shall be not less than 30M ohms after application of 500Vdc/10mA for 1 minute

5.4 Lightning Surge Immunity

This is to follow the norm of IEC-61000-4-5 Level 3 requirements

L-N 1KV/1.2*50Us 5 times No function error,L-FG or N-FG 2KV/1.2*50Us 5 times No damage

5.5 Electric Fast Transients (EFT)                                                     

This is to follow the norm of IEC-61000-4-4/1995,(EN 61000-4-4) Level 3 requirements

5.6 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

This Power is capable to withstand ESD test voltage at any point around the enclosure as

(EN 55024:1998+A1:2001+A2:2003,EN 61000-4-2)

±8KV air discharge No damage.

±4KV contact discharge No damage

5.7 Electrostatic Interference (EMI)

The power supply shall complied to:

FCC part 15 : Class B for radiated and conducted emissions.

EN55022:2010 , Class B for radiated and conducted emissions.


6. Safety Approval:

6.1 Safety Certification Standards

The power supply shall complied the following international regulatory standards



Standard& Certified Status



  Declared& CE Mark


USA/ Canada

 UL 60950































7. Reliability:

7.1 MTBF (Mean-Time-Between-Failures) Calculation

The calculated MTBF shall be 50K hours of continuous operation at 20, maximum load and normal voltage.

7.2 MTBF Verification

The MTBF shall be verified from life testing performed by factory Quality department. The operating conditions are: 40 ambient temperature , sea level , both nominal line voltage ranges (115Vac or 230Vac) and a minimum load of 70% of the maximum load

7.3 Burn-in     24hrs,40+/-5℃ 240Vac

                 ON/OFF cycling full load nominal line

8. Cooling Method:

By fan force air cooling

By nature air.