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UL standards for power supplies

A class 2 power supply shall comply with one of the following: a) the standard for class 2 power units, UL 1310; b)the standard for information technology equipment-safety-part 1: general requirements, ...…

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Introduction of regulated power adapter

Electronic devices are inseparable from the power adapter. The power adapter supplies the energy required by the electronic device, which determines the importance of the power adapter in the electronic device....…

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UL standards for power supplies
Share with you the top5 concerns of switching power supply technology
Are the products of Guanyuda independently developed and designed?
How long is our products's quality insurance?
The function of the power adapter
Do your products have RoHS, REACH certificates?
What is DC Power Supply Used for?
What's the process to buy our products?
When was GVE start the business?
Do you have distributors abroad?
What are the main advantages of GVE brand power adapter?
Will GVE's products with CE marking meet the EMC requirements after assembling into my system
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