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The difference of waterproof power supply with the average power adapter?

Date:2019-04-26 Hits:1262
The difference of waterproof power supply with the average power adapter?
Level of waterproof IP67 waterproof power supply ,dust-proof (safety dustproof,immersed to 15cm to 1m working), High power factor,With short circuit, over current ,overload and other multiple protection, Mainly used in the article LED lights and other LED products, the most important characteristics is waterproof, can be used outdoors without again afraid of rain, the fog, the sun point-blank etc, bag environment. And power adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power supply power transformation equipment,generally composed of shell, Power supply transformer and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into the AC and DC output, According to the connection mode can be divided into the plug wall and desktop type.

Power adapter is widely applied in the IT fields such as electronic equipment, the main adapter is generally only used in indoor, and waterproof power supply is usually used in outdoor, this is biggest difference, waterproof power supply, other than the production of power adapter, and more troublesome, the most important is to glue, so as to have the effect of waterproof , defect is not convenient to maintenance, In contrast,the power supply is not needed.

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