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Foshan Shunde Guanyuda Power Supply Co., Ltd give you some tips about selecting ac dc adapter

Date:2018-04-11 Hits:1317
Foshan Shunde Guanyuda Power Supply Co., Ltd give you some tips about selecting ac dc adapter

Foshan Shunde Guanyuda Power Supply Co., Ltd give you some tips about selecting ac dc adapter


       Foshan Shunde Guanyuda Power Supply Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprises with professional ac dc adapter manufacturing experience. With 10 years of production experience for various types of small household appliances power supply such as balance car charger, cctv power supply, waterproof power supply for RO, LED driver, communication power supply, etc. Various specifications, complete certification, welcome to consult.

       The year 2018 has already begun. Most of the friends have also entered the working state. In the new year, many companies may need to reselect suppliers or purchase materials. Should they pay attention to those problems when purchasing a power adapter?

Guanyuda power adapter manufacturers here can give you some suggestions:

       1. Determine the required output voltage and current according to the power consumption of the product.

       2. The appearance of the ac dc power adapter (desktop type / wall plug type), the plugs of your countries, specification requirements.

       3. DC cable(18#20#22#24#), DC jack and cable length matching the product.

       4. Does it require safety certification and safety standards?

       5. Try to use the standard power supply manufacturers, including the standard size and output voltage; this will be faster delivery, low cost of purchase; the contrary, special size and output voltage, will increase development time and purchase cost.

       6. If the product is equip with a electric engine, printers, light bulbs, large relays and other negative impact load, the starting current is very large, it is best to provide the maximum load current to the power supplier for assessment, so that the power supply manufacturers can set accurate specific parameter.

       As for the price aspect, the power adapter is generally a penny a point, the copycat power supply is much cheaper, but generally it did not pass safety approvals, the use of materials and workmanship is also poor, there will be a big security risk. For bulk purchases, it is recommended to find powerful power supply manufacturers. The technology is mature, quality is guaranteed, and the delivery period is also fast. Our company is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of ac dc adapters. Our monthly production capacity is over 2.5 million PCS, and it is high-end quality and reliable.

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