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Production process of switching power adapter ​

Date:2018-03-20 Hits:1436
Production process of switching power adapter  ​

Production process of switching power adapter 

    Switching power adapters, also known as power adapters, chargers; is an external power conversion device that typically converts AC power to DC power while also converting the voltage. Switching power adapters are closely related to everyone's life. Because everyone needs to use this electronic accessories for mobile phone / laptop computer, or household appliances, printers. What is the production process of switching power adapter that we used every day? Let us introduce you today. From development to mass production, there are two phases.


R&D process:


    First of all, design the shell. Open the mold and produce the shell.

    Secondly, according to the performance requirements, the electronic engineer design the electronic circuit part, selects the appropriate scheme, draws the circuit board (PCB), and gives the design to circuit board manufacturer for PCB sample.

Then, the electronic engineer makes a manual sample, and then tests the sample, assembling, and aging.

Then, the sample was tested ok. Develop production molds. Small batch trial production. If there is any problems in the production process, We will make appropriate adjustments.

Finally, the circuit board (PCB) is finalized. If the PCB changes, it is necessary to reopen the mold, production specifications, work instructions, inspection instructions, etc.


Production process:


    1, SMT (SMT): If all the material is prepared, after inspection, get the PCB through the SMT machine, namely AI machine.


    2. Plug-in (DIP): Take a good piece of PCB, put component and parts on the plug.

    3. Welding process is subdivided into:

    Over-wave soldering: soldering the component and parts by the machine.

    Manual welding: Workers carry out artificial welding for the components which is not on good solder, they manual refill it. if there are some electronic components which is not inserted well, they will handle it;

Correction procedure of electronic materials: if the electronic materials is inserted in reverse, we will make it correct;

    QC test 1: With testing tools. The bare board is tested. If the test is OK, it will be given to the next process. If the test fails, the repairman will repair it.


    4. Assembling: This process is the most complicated and the most important process of production process.


    a. Wire: Solder the DC wire to the bare board. Solder the AC wire to the metal part of the housing.

    b. Glue process: glue the components that are easily peeled off and broken during transportation. Through solder joints such as transformers, filters, AC cables, and DC cables.

    c. Enclosure: Close the cover of the switching power adapter.


    d. QC test 2: Get a comprehensive test by computer, test whether each output performance meets standard requirement. If it do not pass, the repairman will repair it. Test again until it pass the test.

    e. Repair: Repair the switching power adapter that did not pass the test.

    f. Nailing screw: Fix the shell. Some shells use ultrasound techniques. Just behind the i.QC Test 3 process;

    h. Aging test: The screwed product is transferred to the aging workshop for aging test. Aging test for 8 hours. Transfer back to the assembly pull to do the final full QC test.

    i.QC test 3: The last full inspection, the product pass the aging test, full inspection, if do not pass, It will be return to e. procedure to repair. The test will be passed to the next process.


    j. Ultrasonic: If the shell is fixed with a screw, this procedure is not required.

    k. Appearance QC: Here we need to pick out the one with problems. And then replace the shell.

    l. Post label: Appearance inspection ok. Attach the product with the appropriate label .

    m. Packaging: Package the finished product according to customers requirement.(PE bag+White box+Outer Carton or Clapboard+Carton Box)

    5, Quality sampling inspection: Take a few finished product for inspection, After the inspection and it is OK, the goods is ready for sale.


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