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Power adapter circuit principle

Date:2020-04-11 Hits:355
Power adapter circuit principle
High frequency power adapter
According to the analysis of the internal structure of the power adapter, the power adapter use the working circuit principle of the power adapter.
(1) the main circuit
1) the function of the input filter is to filter the clutter existing in the power grid and also to block the clutter feedback generated by the power adapter
To the ac grid.
2) rectifying filter directly rectifies the ac voltage of ac power grid into a relatively smooth dc voltage for the next level transformation.
3) the inverter changes the rectified direct current into high frequency alternating current, which is the core part of the high frequency power adapter
High, volume, weight and output power ratio is smaller.
4) output rectified filter provides stable and reliable dc power supply according to the load requirements.
(2) control circuit

On the one hand, the inverter is sampled from the output end and compared with the set standard, and then the inverter is controlled to change its frequency or pulse width to achieve stable output. On the other hand, according to the data provided by the test circuit, the control circuit is provided to protect the whole machine.