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Warmly velcome UK customers to visit our company

Date:2019-11-14 Hits:730
Warmly velcome UK customers to visit our company

    November 14, 2019, Ms. Sharon Ramsay General Manager Mr. Darren.Old Purchasing manager and Amy She Quality Technician from the UK came to our company for a visit. The company's foreign trade department, Joy and Wing, warmly welcomed our customer from afar.

    British customers have systematically visited our production workshop and testing room. During the visit, our collegue  give the visitors detailed instructions on the process and products, and provided professional answers to the questions raised by the customers.

    Later, the two parties came to the conference room. Joy introduced the company's current situation, future business layout strategy and capacity control to the customer. Finally, the customer fully affirmed the product quality and the company's strength, and also put forward many constructive suggestions. I hope that the two sides can establish long-term cooperative relations and seek common development. After a day of visits, the customer and the host established a good friendship and both recognized the company's corporate culture, and also made plans for future long-term cooperation.

    As the leading brand of power adapters, the visit of the foreign guests deeply reflects the product and technical advantages of GuanYuda in the power adapter industry, and also shows the strong pace of Foshan Shunde Guanyuda Co., Ltd. in the future international trade market. Guanyuda Company will continue to adhere to the mission of “providing customers with 101% assured power supply”, and will ensure the quality of power products and provide customers with quality products and services.

    For a long time, Guanyuda has always adhered to the most sincere service attitude, the most reliable product quality, and the most reasonable product price, and earnestly grasped the production, sales and service of the products. The company has strong technical advantages, and has a group of high-tech talents and professional technical backbones engaged in research and development and production for many years. With the joint efforts of all employees of the company, our company has formed a good reputation and market influence in the foreign market.