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What is UL?

Date:2018-05-11 Hits:1050
What is UL?

What is UL?

UL: Authoritative safety certification from the United States


UL's full name is Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (Underwriters Laboratories) is the United States the most authoritative, non-profit private safety testing agency. It mainly conducts safety tests and inspections on various equipment, systems and materials, confirms whether there is a danger to life and property, and announces the inspection results. UL has published hundreds of standards, most of which have been adopted by ANSI (American National Standards Institute), and now UL certification has become one of the most rigorous certifications in the world. In general, UL standards can be divided into: requirements for product structure, requirements for raw materials used by products, requirements for components used in products, requirements for test instruments and test methods, requirements for product marks and specifications, requirements for energy efficiency etc. . UL certification has many signs according to the scope of application and the applicable area. The above figure is a sign applicable to Canada and the United States. The power supply with such certification can be used with confidence. All of our company's power supplies have passed UL certification and reached six-level energy efficiency requirements. Welcome to order. GVE good power supply!

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