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What is FCC standard requirements?

Date:2018-05-02 Hits:898
What is FCC standard requirements?

FCC: Safety Certification for Electromagnetic Interference

  The full name of the FCC is the Federal Communications Commission. When the power supply is working, there will be strong electromagnetic interference inside. If not shielded, it may affect the monitor, motherboard and other electrical equipment, and even cause harm to the human body. Therefore, there are strict regulations for electromagnetic interference in the world. The common standards are FCC-A industrial standard and FCC-B civil use standard. Only the power supply that meets the FCC-B civil standard requirements is safe and harmless. All the gve brand ac dc adapter produced strictly adhere to the FCC part 15. EN55032: 2015, EN55015:2013, EN55014:200+A1+A2:2011, AS/NZS CISPR14, CISPR32, CISPR15. GB/T9254,GB4343. CISPR22 class B .You can be assured of a good power supply. 

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