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Can the original power adapter be replace by others?

Date:2018-02-08 Hits:682
Can the original power adapter be replace by others?

Can the original power adapter be replaced by others?

     Today, more and more electrical equipment in our life needs to use power adapters, such as mobile phones, computers, etc. There are many mobile devices, almost all of them need to use the power adapter. So weather the power adapter for these electrical equipment are universal or not? Next, the power adapter manufacturer GVE editor explain to you about weather the original power adapter be rs or not.

      First, different power adapter with different specifications is not universal, the key points are:

     ① voltage must be consistent, otherwise it will burn electrical appliances, or can not work.

     ② " output current" of the power adapter must be greater than the working current of electrical appliances, otherwise, the power adapter will be " over current" and burn out.

    ③ power adapter and electrical interface must match, or can not be connected.

    ④ positive and negative polarity to be consistent, so as to avoid accidents.

       Second, what kind of power adapter can be universal?

       Appropriate voltage, the current is not less than the original power adapter, you can replace.

Voltage appropriate meaning, that is, as long as the power adapter voltage is higher than the laptop battery voltage above 4V, you can use, or because of the voltage is not enough, can not open the laptop charging and protection circuit required work pressure.

11.1V battery, the required power adapter voltage is above 15V, 14.8V battery, you need more than 19V voltage.

     Power adapter can be universal? Share here. In summary, in our life we should try to use the original charger, it is mainly for security reasons, try to ask the seller for the original adapter, if it is not found, you can use the same specifications of the power adapter. Many people may choose the power adapter in the process, do not know exactly how to choose, above we talked about how to choose the power adapter, hope it is of some help to you.

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